Omaka Classic Fighters Airshow 2015
AERODROME ROAD, BLENHEIM (5kms from town, route sign-posted off SH6)   MARLBOROUGH • NEW ZEALAND



Building on the established success of the museum, the trustees wish to expand the facilities to provide space for a WW2 aviation exhibition. This is part of a staged expansion of Omaka and will facilitate public access to a number of rare aircraft from a period that will soon be beyond living memory.

Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre is run by a charitable trust, with the majority of the aircraft and memorabilia on loan from private individuals. Such is the case with Sir Peter Jackson’s WW1 collection in our existing Knights of the Sky. For the WW2 aircraft there are a number of different owners, all of whom have offered their aircraft for incorporation into our plans for an active museum display.

In creating this new exhibition we are aiming to bring the stories of the airmen and women of the 1940s to life, educating and inspiring our visitors to understand more of this tumultuous time in history and the part aviation has played in it.

Funding from The Canterbury Community Trust, Classic Fighters Airshow Charitable Trust, Redwood Trust, Marlborough Electric Power Trust and private donations have all contributed to our pool of funds. This has been matched by a grant from the Tourism Growth Partnership and together they have made the project viable.

Building construction is now underway and planning for the museum fit-out is well advanced. Our own Stuka and Hurricane replicas are required to undergo major rebuilds, so they can be incorporated into the exhibition, with the Stuka already receiving attention. Research is being undertaken and audiovisual concepts explored.

Despite the finance already in place, we are seeking additional funding to help us make this exhibition the amazing experience we know it can be.

Our vision is to display each aircraft in context, taking visitors on a geographical as well as an historical journey.

Naming rights will be available for six major exhibits and we welcome discussion with prospective sponsors who may wish to be associated with this magnificent exhibition opening in mid 2016.

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Making a Donation or Bequest to Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre

Help support our efforts to advance the appreciation and preservation of our aviation heritage.

Significant Gifts

In the proposed New Zealand Hall, there is to be a special area set aside and the names of all significant donors inscribed. The New Zealand Hall gift honouring is not yet designed but the layout is planned as follows:

[This is where big Government grants are recorded]

[Gifts including and over $250,000]

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Significant Gifts may be given as one sum or (if benefactors prefer) may be spread over 2 or 3 years. You can download a form here


To make a donation

We gratefully welcome all donations of whatever size. Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre is operated by The New Zealand Aviation Museum Trust, which is a registered charitable entity, number CC38773. Donations are therefore tax deductible. You may wish to visit the Inland Revenue website for more information.

Cheques may be sent to the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre, PO Box 641, Blenheim, New Zealand 7240 or you may wish to contact the Chief Executive by phoning 03 579 1305 or emailing

To make a direct credit or to set up an automatic payment, our bank details are as follows:

The New Zealand Aviation Museum Trust

Bank of New Zealand, Blenheim Branch

Account number 02-0600-0044031-025


To make a bequest

When making your will, it is easy to include a bequest to The New Zealand Aviation Museum Trust. The following is a suggestion for the wording. Just insert what it is you would like to give.

“I give and bequeath . . .  to The New Zealand Aviation Museum Trust for the purposes of that Trust and it’s Aviation Heritage Centre at Omaka in Marlborough and the receipt by the Chief Executive of that organization of the above bequest shall be a sufficient discharge to my Trustees for the delivery of the bequest.”

We do suggest that you seek advice from your solicitor.


What we can achieve with your support

The Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre currently houses a remarkable collection of aircraft and memorabilia from the Great War. These icons of early aviation have been brought to life in an exhibition that is amongst the best in the world.

Our vision is to go on from 1918 into other eras of aviation history, including the pioneering days of New Zealand’s civil aviation; the Second World War and beyond. Land for future expansion has been set aside.

As well as aircraft, there are the smaller items; letters, logbooks, clothing, photographs that help convey the human stories and give the machines their relevance to history. All need to be conserved, documented and made accessible.

Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre also aims to foster growth in aviation, by stimulating interest and enjoyment through the museum and the biennial Classic Fighters Airshow. It has made lease land available for hangars in the adjacent airpark and the establishment of aviation related businesses. In the future the intention is to develop courses to pass on the craftsmanship associated with heritage aircraft construction and restoration.

Schools visit regularly to learn about the aviators of the Great War and the amazing machines that were developed during those years. Education in both history and technology is central to our mission.

In order to achieve our goals we are greatly helped by the generosity of individuals through donations and bequests.